04 April

Slomo.TV integrates Panasonic AK-HC5000 4X SuperMotion

At NAB, Slomo.tv (booth C11125), a leading international supplier of cost-effective, high performance server-based video recording and replay systems will showcase its advanced Super Slo-mo bundle, combining its Simple RII video server and Panasonic's AK-HC5000 4X SuperMotion camera.

Today, slow motion replays are a standard feature of major live sports broadcasts, however the necessary SuperMo cameras are a substantial infrastructure cost. Until now, only the premier league broadcasters and production facilities could afford these cameras and replay systems within their OB vehicles. Now, Slomo.tv in partnership with Panasonic has developed a significantly lower cost, but equally sophisticated slow motion solution.

The game changing solution integrates Slomo.tv's new Simple RII 8-channel video recording and replay server with Panasonic's AK-HC5000 4X SuperMotion camera. This integrated system sets new standards in affordable slomo replays. The server is compact, lightweight (1U, 5.6 Kg.), easy to use and still offers highest 3G/HD/SD image quality.

Panasonic’s AK-HC5000 studio camera supporting 4x high speed shooting, which is capable to shoot HD at 200/240 frames per second. This camera is equipped with newly developed 2/3-type MOS sensors that produce high sensitivity and an excellent S/N ratio. There are also functions to improve the shooting experience; including HDR (HLG), enhanced shock less gain (-3 dB to 36 dB), a user gamma function, black gamma correction according to the pedestal setting, multi-step DNR and easy matrix adjustment.

In developing its Simple RII server, Slomo.tv has added a special mode in its replay systems for integration with high-end cameras, such as the Panasonic AK-HC5000 4X SuperMotion camera. This solution can record video in its native standard (1920 50p/60p or 50i/60i) with simultaneous replay of two clips with transition between them. Also, clip search and NLE marking stays available during playback.

The Simple RII server can record up to 266 hours of 100MBit HD video. Also, it possesses three graphics outputs for GUI, Multiviewer and Game Analyzer functions. An intuitive user interface and control panel make the Slomo.tv server easy to understand and operate, which is important when used during the most emotional charged sporting events, where on air operations are mission critical and any down-time spells disaster.

First user: Sports broadcaster, TVSTART

Already, this elegant slow motion solution has been fully tested and commissioned by Russian sports broadcaster, TVSTART. It has been used to provide super slow motion replay facilities on a broad spectrum of live broadcasts including the European Football matches, KHL Hockey League, Basketball, Volleyball and Handball events across Europe.

"Our first test of the Panasonic AK-HC5000 with Slomo.tv's new Simple RII server was during the Euro Cup Handball qualification and it fully convinced us that this combination is very well matched to our needs despite its modest price," explained the Chief producer of TVSTART, Vladimir Shirokov. "It gives us the flexibility we need for live sports broadcasting. It leads us to buy more Panasonic gear and we will employ Slomo.tv servers, which we have used for many years."

At the NAB show, (Booth C11125), Slomo.tv engineers and users will share their unique experience of this system implementation.


Moscow-based production company, TVSTART is one of the main players in sports television production market in Russia and CIS. Having its own production base the company provides TV production services for many local and International sport events. Over the years, TVSTART has broadcast more than 1000 sport events from different venues. TVSTART technical facilities include: two HD OB vans supporting 8-16 cameras; HD Fly Away production cases 8-16 cameras; two HD DSNG + OB VAN – 8 cameras; 1 HD DSNG.

About Panasonic

Panasonic Corporation is a worldwide leader in the development of diverse electronics technologies and solutions for customers in the consumer electronics, housing, automotive, enterprise solutions and device industries. Since its founding in 1918, the company has expanded globally and now operates 474 subsidiaries and 94 associated companies worldwide, recording consolidated net sales of 7.553 trillion yen for the year ended March 31, 2016. Committed to pursuing new value through innovation across divisional lines, the company uses its technologies to create a better life and a better world for its customers.

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Slomo.TV integrates Panasonic AK-HC5000 4X SuperMotion

28 March

NAB 2017

24 March

New Camera Control Unit (CCU) for 60p cameras

Over 3 years slomo.tv is producing 1920x1080 50p /60p vR-Cam cameras. Unlike standard Full HD cameras they provide twice the number of vertical lines. This allows the video judges to see the image with the full number of lines (1080) for each phase of the movement, making the work more comfortable in making decisions when puck moves the at high speeds. Quite often the television companies want to have the signal from our cameras for use in broadcasts.

Most TV companies in the world use interlaced frame recording format - 1080i. In order to be able to use the signal from videoReferee® cameras it is necessary to install expensive converters 1080p /1080i.

That is why our company has made a new version of the base station (CCU) for vR-Cam 60p cameras, which simultaneously with the 50p/60p signal used in video judging, produces interlaced 1080i signal for use in television.

It is worth noting that vR-Cam cameras have the ability to color correct video, which allows adjusting these cameras to correspond the picture of cameras used by the broadcaster.

To operate the camera in multi-standard environment, including opportunities to work with the old equipment, the new CCU has SD SDI video output.

To send HD video over long distances the optical fiber is commonly used. The old CCU had a separate option installed for transmitting signals over fiber. Our task in developing the new CCU was to provide the ability to use optical fiber as standard. This problem is successfully solved and now the CCU has two optical outputs, one of which is used for the transmission of 50p/60p signal, and the second for transmission of SD or HD SDI.

For GoalNetCam cameras, installed inside the net, we also modified the receiver module to provide the same functions.

For upgrading the previously produced camera control units contact technical support. New Camera Control Unit (CCU) for 60p cameras

22 March

Slomo.tv presents 12 Channel 3G/HD/SD Recording Server

Dominator AT/3G

At 2017 NAB Show Slomo.tv (booth C11125) will debut the multichannel 3G/HD/SD video recording server Dominator AT/3G. The system supports up to 10 3G/HD/SD recording channels, four playback channels and powerful search capabilities on up to 10 channels without disrupting the core recording and playback functions. In 'record for editing mode' this server system can record up to 12 channels of HD/SD video.

Building on the success of previous models, the new AT/3G line offers enhanced replay capabilities and two operators can work simultaneously on the same unit. Since the system has four independent graphic outputs each operator can work on the main GUI and a separate multi-viewer monitor simultaneously. In replay mode, the operator can display up to six recording channels and two video playback channels, as well as having access to five channels for clip marking and playlist editing.

Importantly, when operating in SuperMo mode, the new Dominator AT/3G can simultaneously support three Sony, Hitachi or GVG 3X Super Motion and one ISO cameras, or alternatively two Panasonic 4X Super Motion AK-H5000 plus two regular ISO cameras.

For the past three years, Slomo.tv has used SSD based storage subsystems, but now the Dominator AT/3G uniquely stores 266 hours, 100 Mbit of HD video - more than any other similar product. Also, Dominator AT/3G provides recording directly in the "native" file formats of various NLE systems, using proprietary DMR™ technology which mitigates time-consuming file export operations. Alongside full HD recording, Dominator AT/3G enables the operator to create low resolution Proxy copies for draft editing without any additional equipment required.

Simultaneously, video data can be recorded on external file storage systems, as well as on internal RAID storage to secure the recorded files. Dominator AT/3G can be connected via two 10GbE and two 1GbE channels to a network attached storage (NAS) or directly to storage area network (SAN) using its optional 16G fibre channel interface. Also, the system can be connected to SAS-compatible storage. It can be connected to SAN or NAS practically unlimited storage, providing data transfer rates up to 720-1400 megabytes per second. A high speed SAN removes practical limits of recorded video, which is important when recording from multiple 3G/HD cameras, and particularly when simultaneously supporting several of Super Motion cameras.

Dominator AT/3G can be networked in various ways with other Slomo.tv systems by using the company’s networking option.

"Our mission at Slomo.tv is to develop server-based production solutions that are appropriate and affordable to the widest range of TV companies, both large and small, saving them time, money and stress," commented Igor Vitiorets, CTO at Slomo.tv. "In developing the new Dominator AT/3G, we have achieved the next stage in the evolution of our main workhorse server series. Customer reaction has been very positive and we look forward to a busy show."

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16 February

New videoReferee® feature for displaying scoreboard data

During most competitions where video assisted judging is used the videoReferee® system is usually connected to the arena scoreboard controller for receiving the pertinent data (time, period, score, etc.)

Quite often there is a situation when for some reason such direct connection cannot be accomplished but for synchronizing video and scoreboard timing is critical. A typical example is establishing the validity of a throw in basketball at the end of attack time. If the throw was made before the end of this time, the basket is counted.

It is to deal with such situations that we have developed a new feature – displaying a selected portion of the scoreboard as PIP during search and playback. This image can be selected from any recording channel containing the scoreboard or from a separate channel dedicated to scoreboard recording.

The operator will select the scoreboard area to be displayed at system setup. During playback / search of any channel this part of the scoreboard will be displayed in the corner of the screen.

For systems with a limited number of channels (videoReferee® -B, -Jr. or -SR) there is a special Scoreboard Camera Option, providing additional external input channel via the USB interface. Any camera with SDI or HDMI™ output or even consumer camcorder can be used to capture the scoreboard.

Scoreboard camera setup Referee interface Referee interface

03 February

Basketball EuroCup 2017

For more than three years slomo.tv’s video judging equipment is used at various basketball national and international championships.

Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL) since 2015 is using the videoReferee®-B for all its matches. The budget systems have been specially developed for video judging in basketball, and LKL became the launch customer for the model. The servers were supplied by TVC, the slomo.tv dealer in the Baltic States. The videoReferee® systems proved themselves from the best side and were selected for video judging at 2017 games.

As part of the 2017 EuroCup the following matches were played at "Cido" Arena (Panevezys, Lithuania):

  • 01/25/2017 Lietkabelis (Lithuania) - Bavaria (Germany);
  • 01/02/2017 Lietkabelis (Lithuania) - Khimki (Russia).

Video judging was provided by a new, based on Simple RII system - videoReferee®-SR.

Because the arena scoreboard controller could not be directly connected to the videoReferee® system, the Simple R was used in five-channel configuration: 4 channels in normal mode for recording the game action and 1 channel for recording the scoreboard view.

Video refereeing was provided by Lithuanian broadcaster Zoom.TV which has many years of experience using slomo.tv replay servers. For broadcasts of these matches the standard Simple R 331 replay server was used.

Interface videoReferee® vR-Control

20 January

videoReferee® systems at 2107 World Handball Championship

The 25th World Men’s Handball Championship is taking place in France from 11 to 29 of January 2017.

The difference between the current championship and previous ones is the use of video judging systems for resolving certain disputed situations. (Read more about this here).

Testing of this on-the-fly video reviewing technology was successfully conducted at IHF Super Globe 2016 games by Qatar Handball Federation in Doha, and became the basis for a decision to use it at the current championship.

slomo.tv videoReferee® systems ranging from 8-channel videoReferee®-SR to 16-channels videoReferee®-4 provide the video proof at the venues of the World Handball Championship.

Technical support and equipment installation is provided by Broadcast Solutions GmbH.

The experience of using Video Proof Systems for handball most likely will lead to changes in regulations for conducting international and national championships.

videoReferee® team video referee
Program interface Handball

12 January

Estonian Public Broadcasting ERR selected slomo.tv servers for its studios and OB Van

Two ARROW 662 systems with a wide range of options were supplied for ERR.

The systems provided:

  • 7-channel replay mode
  • Exchange/Transfer clips between systems
  • External SAS RAID connection.

Preference to these servers was given because of their wide functionality, a large number of options and attractive price.

The choice was made after extensive testing by ERR specialists at the National Track and Field Championship in Tallinn (Simple R 662) and at the 2018 World Cup Qualifying Tournament (Simple RII 662 and Arrow 662).

The equipment was provided by TVC company, a slomo.tv dealer in the Baltic States.

Estonian Public Broadcasting is a member of European Broadcasting Union and operates three TV channels and 5 radio stations. It also provides internet news sites in Estonian, English and Russian languages.

Athletics Football

10 October

Hockey club "CSKA" (Moscow) controls the Blue Lines with videoReferee®-IIM2

Video judging plays increasing role in the process of making critical decisions in all sports.

Ice hockey by its nature with a lot of game stops became the most progressive sport in the sense of video-judging. Technical regulations for 2016/2017 KHL season (1.24d) state: "Starting with 2017/2018 season all arenas used for home matches of KHL clubs must be equipped with additional cameras on the blue lines." That means that video judges also will have to resolve disputed "Offside" situations.

Installation of 2 or 4 extra cameras require additional video-referee server channels. Even back in 2011, developing videoReferee®-IIM2, our experts have determined that for controlling situations over entire playing field, the server needs to record 11 channels.

Until recently, this number of channels, in terms of KHL regulation, has been excessive. Some clubs recorded additional cameras for more confident decision making.

Foresight of hockey clubs who selected 11-channel videoReferee®-IIM2 was rewarded with the above-described change in KHL regulations. These clubs did not have to change or upgrade their servers – for them it was enough to remotely upgrade the server software and its settings. Naturally, they had to install two additional cameras.

The hockey club CSKA Moscow was not just among the owners of the server, its specialists, Maxim Pensky and Oleg Barmotin, have proposed to monitor the blue lines with only two cameras. This solution allows users of videoReferee®-IIM2 to fully comply with the new regulations. See Camera Locations per KHL Regulations article on our site.

It is worth mentioning that, recognizing the importance of video judging, club "CSKA" uses two videoReferee®-IIM2 servers in a hot swap configuration.

Our special thanks to the club "CSKA" and the staff of the Ice Palace.

NAB 2017 RED ARROW New up to 18-channels videoReferee®-4 New product family - ARROW
New addition to videoReferee® family 4K at «Broadcast Innovation Day» Transfer options for Simple R Slomo.tv integration with GVG LDX 86 HS/XS camera
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