A new 7-channel mode for Arrow 662

One of the key differences in the architecture of slomo.tv replay servers from all others is that for viewing recorded material and marking clips or searching for entry point on a different channel during instant replays no separate SDI output for Playback channel is needed.

That is why we specify the number of search channel each replay server have.

For example, a 662 system has 6 recording channels, 6 search channel and two playback channels. This means that such system can simultaneously record six channels, playback 2 channels, which is necessary to ensure a smooth transition from one clip to another or, in instant replay mode, from one channel to another and, at the same time, allow search on 6 recorded channels. Rotating the Jog, the operator simultaneously moves recorded video and sees all channels on the multiviewer screen.

On any other systems marking clips requires an additional playback SDI channel.

The mode in which the system records 6 channels, replays 1 or 2 channels, and at the same time the operator searches and marks clips is called Program + Preview and is described as 6 Rec + 2 Playback.

Often, many replay systems require a second playback channel to perform a smooth transition from one clip/channel to another.

With slomo.tv servers replay operator does not need a Preview output. Search and replays are perfectly controlled on the main interface screen.

With this in mind, for our Arrow 662 servers we created new configurations - 771/711. Now users of 662 systems may record 7 video channels, search on one or 7 channels and do replays of two channels with transition effects. This unique mode is not offered by any other manufacturer.

It should be noted that 7-channel mode does not require a special license and will automatically be available for current users of Arrow 662/662Plus after software upgrade.

Arrow's Interface in 771 mode
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