BlackJack AT /4K - the most powerful 4K recording and instant replay server in the world

BlackJack AT /4K - the most powerful in the world 4REC + 2PlAY 4K recording and instant replay server with support of Apple ProRes and Sony XAVC codecs.

It is a new server for working with 4K / 3G / HD video, created on the basis of the RED ARROW - the absolute champion in performance.

BlackJack AT/4K is a continuation of's policy of changing the design of its big servers. Like its predecessor, it has all the necessary capabilities to perform replays and recording for editing in 4K /3G/HD formats. In 4K replay mode the server simultaneously supports 4 input signals, replay of 2 signals with transition effects between them and simultaneous search on all channels with marking of clips. In recording for editing mode the BlackJack AT/4K server allows recording of up to 6 inputs of 4K video signals.

Besides switching to a new uniform platform, the BlackJack AT/4K server differs from the RED ARROW in the ability to use the hardware option which supports Sony XAVC 4K codec. This option allows video recording with XAVC 480/960 codec and provides NLE MXF files without transcoding and export. With this option, the server can record up to 6 4K video signals to NAS for subsequent editing. In the basic configuration, the server uses its own proprietary DCT Based I frame codec (with a of 1200 Mb/sec stream), and Apple ProRes 4K codec for providing video materials for editing systems.

Separately, it should be noted that the transition to a new platform has expanded the range of server operating temperatures maximizing the ambient temperature.

In addition to working in 4K mode, this server allows you to work in 3G / HD / SD modes. In these modes, the number of recording channels when working with replays reaches 20 at 4 (four) physical outputs and 8 playback channels. Because of that up to 4 replay operators can simultaneously work on the server.

In the recording for editing mode, the server records up to 24 channels.

The storage capacity of the built-in SSD disk subsystem is 266 hours of HD video.

BlackJack AT/4K supports all available 4K50p/4K60p transmission options via 4 x 3G SDI.

There is no task which this server could not cope with. Where other manufacturers use several servers, one BlackJack AT/4K will suffice.

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