Hockey club "CSKA" (Moscow) controls the Blue Lines with videoReferee®-IIM2

Video judging plays increasing role in the process of making critical decisions in all sports.

Ice hockey by its nature with a lot of game stops became the most progressive sport in the sense of video-judging. Technical regulations for 2016/2017 KHL season (1.24d) state: "Starting with 2017/2018 season all arenas used for home matches of KHL clubs must be equipped with additional cameras on the blue lines." That means that video judges also will have to resolve disputed "Offside" situations.

Installation of 2 or 4 extra cameras require additional video-referee server channels. Even back in 2011, developing videoReferee®-IIM2, our experts have determined that for controlling situations over entire playing field, the server needs to record 11 channels.

Until recently, this number of channels, in terms of KHL regulation, has been excessive. Some clubs recorded additional cameras for more confident decision making.

Foresight of hockey clubs who selected 11-channel videoReferee®-IIM2 was rewarded with the above-described change in KHL regulations. These clubs did not have to change or upgrade their servers – for them it was enough to remotely upgrade the server software and its settings. Naturally, they had to install two additional cameras.

The hockey club CSKA Moscow was not just among the owners of the server, its specialists, Maxim Pensky and Oleg Barmotin, have proposed to monitor the blue lines with only two cameras. This solution allows users of videoReferee®-IIM2 to fully comply with the new regulations. See Camera Locations per KHL Regulations article on our site.

It is worth mentioning that, recognizing the importance of video judging, club "CSKA" uses two videoReferee®-IIM2 servers in a hot swap configuration.

Our special thanks to the club "CSKA" and the staff of the Ice Palace.

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