Hockey video refereeing in 3G format

The first in the world system for video judging in ice hockey - videoReferee®-3G was installed at KHL "Ac Bars" TATNEFT ARENA in Kazan.

The 3G SDI system with a full set of cameras working in 1920х1080 50p resolution was developed by – the leader in on-the-fly sports video analysis equipment.

Referee monitor system videoReferee®-3G

In contrast to standard interlaced Full HD 1920x1080 50i/60i video, 3G works with progressive scan, which doubles the number of recorded details and also eliminates the "washed" video. Disputed moments are analyzed with a much better picture.

In terms of used technology and realized opportunities, videoReferee®-3G is unique. The system can work with ten (10) 3G or Full HD channels. It supports cameras with parameters 1920x1080 50p/60p or 100i/120i and standard Full HD cameras.

Despite twice the amount of processed information, the system provides recording of 10 channels in any combination and search of 4 channels simultaneously. The system produces video report in H264 format.

As video sources of such high parameters the system is using specially designed cameras vR-Cam-60p and GoalNetCam-60p.

These cameras support 1920х1080 50p/60p mode and can still work in formats SD, 1280х720 50/60p and 1920х1080 50i/60.

Camcorder vR-Cam-60p in the TATNEFT ARENA

The wireless GoalNetCam-60p provides crystal-clear picture in 1920х1080 60p resolution directly from inside the goal.

Camcorder GoalNetCam-60p in the TATNEFT ARENA
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