New up to 18-channels videoReferee®-4

In 2007 at the World Ice Hockey Championship we debuted the world's first sports video judging system. All this time we were and still are the leaders in the field of video refereeing. We provide solutions for ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, football, rugby, soccer, short track speed skating, horse racing.

We are particularly pleased that due to videoReferee®, sport is becoming more transparent and honest.

At NAB 2016 we showed our new videoReferee®-4 family. As always, the most powerful in the world. We now support up to 18 recording channels and simultaneous viewing of 4 recorded channels.

We pioneered support of 3G SDI signals and are the first in sports video judging working with 4K signals. Our system videoReferee®-4K works with 4K 12G video signals.

Stand videoReferee®-4K videoReferee®-4K Interface videoReferee®-4K
NAB 2017 RED ARROW New up to 18-channels videoReferee®-4 New product family - ARROW
New addition to videoReferee® family 4K at «Broadcast Innovation Day» Transfer options for Simple R integration with GVG LDX 86 HS/XS camera
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