Simple RII - Power and Flexibility in compact 1RU chassis

4 years have passed since the appearance of «Simple R».

During that time we developed and produced 8 different models: 331, 442, 662, 662Plus, videoReferee®, Safeguard, SM and SM2. Unfortunately, they all had a different hardware platform and no upgrade was possible without sending the unit to manufacturer. That is why we have created a new Simple RII.

What distinguishes it from Simple R:

  • First of all, a universal platform that enables upgrading to any configuration remotely.
  • Increased (at ordering) SSD storage capacity to 266 hrs. of 100 Mbit HD video.
  • Two SD/HD video outputs in basic 332 configuration.
  • 3 graphics outputs for connecting 3 different interfaces at the same time.
  • Ability of 662 systems to work with 7 inputs in instant replay mode.
  • The possibility of obtaining a single-use license for higher configuration.

With a purchase of basic 332 system customer gets 20 free demo licenses to run 442, 662, 442 3G, SuperMotion, Safeguard, Game Analyzer, videoReferee-4/8.

Also, Simple RII is the only in the world replay server, which can work with 4x Super-Motion Panasonic AK-HC5000 camera!



Ability for upgrades

Large storage capacity

Availability of various configurations

Simple RII Simple RII - rear panel Simple RII - interface
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