Support of Panasonic AK-HC5000 4x Super Motion camera

The 240 frames per second broadcast replays.

Last month Panasonic released the 4x SuperMotion Firmware for its AK-HC5000 camera. This camera shoots 200/240 frames per second in Full HD. We just could not allow not to be integrated with this wonderful camera.

As it is well known, the vast majority of TV companies use Full HD interlaced broadcast standard.

In order to use AK-HC5000 in 1080 50i/60i, we have developed a special mode in our replay systems.

Naturally, we have implemented a smooth control of playback speed, transition effects between two channels, search during playback, and other "niceties" that distinguish us from others.

We also integrated the AK-HC5000 with our new Simple RII (1U, 5.6 Kg.) and now can offer the most affordable, compact, lightweight and easy to use replay server for this 4x camera.

Interface Panasonic AK-HC5000
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