Transfer options for Simple R

Designing Simple R servers, we assumed that they will be used in small productions and will not work in a network environment.

During the past three years Simple R from the little kid grew up to become a formidable player in broadcasting which can successfully compete with the big boys.

Simultaneously: 6 recording channels, 6 search channels and 2 playback channels; SSD video storage - 80 hours at 100 Mbit/sec.; built-in multiviewer and telestrator with Wacom Cintiq; support of 3 graphical interfaces with MultiSkin function; redundant power supply; AES/MADI audio; support of 3G 60P, 2X, 3X, 6X and HiMotion cameras. And all this in 1U and less than 6 kg.

Our Simple R servers are now used in competitions at all levels, including the World Championships, European, Asian Games, UEFA, the Davis Cup, etc. This this required that these "kids" will be part of the team. The new option "Transfer" provides the ability for exchanging clips and playlists between servers. This affordable option is very easy and convenient to use.

It helps broadcasters, which began with a Simple R 331 to grow and do serious productions, connecting Simple Rs into a common mechanism for replays.

Сolor indication of the file transfer Сolor indication of the file transfer
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