videoReferee® at FIFA's video replay experiments workshop

From 18-20 May 2016, a workshop on video replay experiments is taking place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Competition organisers that are interested in running experiments with video assistant referees (VARs) have been invited by The International Football Association Board (The IFAB) to learn more about the experiments and see the technology in action.

Our videoReferee® 12 Channels system was used for demonstration as real working videojudging system.

The videoReferee® is most popular system for video judging in the world. it installed for more than 70 arenas in the world.

Lucas Brud,
Secretary of The IFAB (International Football Association Board):

We have to decide to allow experiments with video system referees in order to be able to answer one main question, and this is: were this support help the referees or not and will it bring more fair play to the game. Some theories may say yes, but we really have to test life in order to be able to answer this question.

In the lead up to the decision we have involved several football stakeholders, players, coaches, panels that advisors in football, in technical matters.

Also we have spoken to other sports such as NBA, NFL, cricket, rugby who have helped us establishing the protocol for football. Even though it sounds like a different sport there are lots of parallels when it comes to video system referees.

The four match changing decisions that I’ve posse identified are goal or anything leads to a goal, for example: foul play, hand ball, offside situation then penalty, anything that might lead to a penalty kick, such as a failed again handball.

The referees may also review whether the fault or the handball happened outside or inside the penalty area.

And the third - a very important one is direct red card incidents.

We are not talking about a second yellow card, direct red card for example for serious foul play or for violent conduct.

And the fourth more administrative decision is the award of a yellow card or red card to the wrong player, we want to ensure that the players are not… that the right players are sanction.

Johannes Holzmüller,
FIFA Head of Football Technology Innovation:

As a member of the IFAB FIFA was involved in the entire developing process from the beginning and FIFA's football technology innovation department supports the IFAB as the management of the experiment and develops technological requirements to make sure that the video system referee receives the best view angles in the fastest possible time.

This project is similar to goal and technology because also in this project we are working with technology providers, we are working with research institutes in order to provide IFAB for a final decision on video systems refereeing with all the facts and figures in order that they can make the right decision at the end.

Lucas Brud:

More than 25 associations and leagues have contacted us as they are interested in this discussion and want potentially to participate in the experiments the IFAB will not decide which competitions were run the experiment, it would be rather the other way around. That would be requirements and protocols that the associations will have to fulfilled in order to be able to participate in the experiments we are currently conducting workshops after which we expect the associations, leagues, competition organizers to confirm whether or not they want to participate and once that is completed we will then start experimenting.

The expected decision to be taken earliest in 2018 or potentially even nineteen once the experiments concluded and the analysis is available to the effort to take this important decision.

Video by (c)FIFA

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