videoReferee®-IIM2. The Hockey Club SKA Saint Petersburg Success story

Hockey club SKA St. Petersburg is using our videoReferee® system for more than 4 years.

Initially the club used a 6-channel SD system installed in the Ice Palace (St. Petersburg) in 2010. In 2013, in accordance with KHL regulation they switched to the new HD system videoReferee®-IIM2. At the same time the club acquired manufactured by cameras. With vR-Cam and GoalNetCam cameras the club could utilize all advantages of the videoReferee® system.

SKA created its own algorithm of hockey video judging taking advantage of all 11 Full HD channels provided by the system and original configuration of recording the game:

  1. Instead of one recommended by KHL regulation panoramic camera they use two wide-angle vR-Cam cameras, one for each side of the field (L.Side and R.Side).
  2. Considering 3 cameras at each goal this takes 8 recording channels.
  3. The remaining three channels of videoReferee-IIM2 are used to record signals from the OB Van: program (PGM TV), cameras N2 (Angle) and N1 (Center).
SKA SPB Scheme
  1. To optimize the work of referees the system interface was configured for three operating layouts:
    • Left - panoramic (L.Side), over the goal (L.Top), behind the goal (L.Back) and in-goal (L.Goal) cameras;
    • Right - panoramic (R.Side), over the goal (R.Top), behind the goal (R.Back) and in-goal (R.Goal) cameras;
    • TV - program (PGM TV), camera N2 (Angle) and camera N1 (Center).
Left operating layout Right operating layout TV operating layout

All this guarantees the video judge maximum information for making the right decision.

The mounting of behind the goal cameras deserves particular mention. The camera is attached behind the glass by suction cups and is also secured by 2 special tethers, preventing camera fall in case the glass wall is broken.

Since this system has two wide-angle cameras instead of a single panoramic camera, customized its software for exporting video material in accordance with KHL regulations.

We are very grateful to Andrew Ladutenko who is responsible operating of our system in the Ice Palace (St. Petersburg).

Thank you, Andrey, for your help, ideas and patience!

Here is a TV report produced by 100TV about the work of the video judge in St. Petersburg Ice Palace arena.

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