videoReferee® systems at 2107 World Handball Championship

The 25th World Men’s Handball Championship is taking place in France from 11 to 29 of January 2017.

The difference between the current championship and previous ones is the use of video judging systems for resolving certain disputed situations. (Read more about this here).

Testing of this on-the-fly video reviewing technology was successfully conducted at IHF Super Globe 2016 games by Qatar Handball Federation in Doha, and became the basis for a decision to use it at the current championship. videoReferee® systems ranging from 8-channel videoReferee®-SR to 16-channels videoReferee®-4 provide the video proof at the venues of the World Handball Championship.

Technical support and equipment installation is provided by Broadcast Solutions GmbH.

The experience of using Video Proof Systems for handball most likely will lead to changes in regulations for conducting international and national championships.

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