Warface Open Cup

Recently, cybersport is gaining momentum, and experts predict that by the end of 2018, the volume of cybersports business will become comparable to regular sports. And there are objective reasons for this: to become a champion an athlete must begin training from childhood and it is still desirable to have genetic abilities, i.e. it takes a lot of effort, time and money. Cybersport allows a person from “the street” within a fairly short time to achieve certain results. Another attractive side of cybersport is the absence of restrictions related to the physical capabilities of the participants, which makes it available for a wide range of people. In addition to these objective reasons, cybersport is also attractive for viewing public. All these reasons explain its growing popularity.

Any broadcasting of a sport competition is unthinkable without replays. The cybersport is no exception.

LiveSignal.Ru, who broadcast the final mail.ru Warface championship for replays chose the slomo.tv BlackJack AT/3G server.

It is worth mentioning separately the specifics of showing cybersports. While conventional television uses the interlaced scan, the cybersports work with progressive scan. Showing conventional sports can be done with standard HD systems. But if we are talking about cybersports, you need to use replay systems that work with 3G SDI signals. In this case usually common HDMI or DVI to 3G SDI converters are used.

The fact that slomo.tv systems can provide the largest number of 3G SDI replay channels, gave it an undeniable advantage over any other replay system on the market. For example Dominator AT/3G replays 10 3G SDI channels, BlackJack AT/3G works with 12 3G SDI input channels, and Red Arrow can replay up to 20 3G SDI channels.

Competitors, for example, the most powerful 12 channels LSM XT3 system by EVS works only with 4 3G SDI inputs, and Grass Valley K2 Summit 3G works only with 6 channels. Therefore in this particular case the BlackJack AT/3G, which allows recording of 12 channels was chosen.

The specifics of this broadcast allowed instead of using two or three operators to use one replay operator. The built-in multiviewer function that shows all the input and output channels enabled the consultant editor, who was close to the operator, to monitor the whole process of the game, quickly and efficiently create replays, and also prepare analysis of each game in the form of playlists for presentation after each round.

All this was possible due to the presence of slomo.tv systems unique feature - automatic playlist creation from instant replays.

Warface Open Cup Warface Open Cup - Operators
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