Broadcast Quality Budget Replay Solution!

SLOMO.TV now has a new product line – «Arrow».

We are quite happy with it and want to tell about it in such a way, that it would be impossible for customers not to get excited about it.

We have many servers. Why then did we create a new product line? Are the old servers bad?

Of course not! All our products are great, but time does not stay still, everything changes. Technology is changing, so do customer requirements. The TV production marketplace is also changing.

To meet the new challenges and, most importantly, to give more people an opportunity to use our servers, we have created these new servers.

To understand the essence of Arrow let’s refer to its description:

"Short 2U chassis, light weight, huge Storage, Budget Solution!"

We can tell our clients that servers with unique software, allowing operators to expand their creative possibilities are now accessible to all!

You may ask how was it possible to reduce the price and save the standard for all other servers’ capabilities.

The Arrow disk subsystem uses Spin disks instead of SSD, as in other systems. These servers are bigger, but have the largest storage capacity among competitors - up to 266 hours of 100 mbit HD video! And because of the bigger chassis we were able to install in the 441 and 442 servers combined HDMI/SD/HD/ SDI inputs. This could be interesting and useful for smaller companies.

Arrow - Front panel

«Arrow», just as «Dominator», has two graphical interfaces, allowing displaying of main interface, Multiviewer and Game Analyzer. If necessary, all of them could be used on a single monitor with the help of the MultiSkin function. The operator himself switches interfaces, depending of what is needed at a given moment.

Arrow allows the operator to use the unique feature of - search on all channels simultaneously. Servers may also be networked for joint operation using the Transfer functions. Recorded material can be exported in native NLE file formats. Arrow, unlike Simple R, has a built-in 3.5" SATA Toolless/Trayless Rack for exporting video. If you are using Simple DMR™ Recorder, the file for NLE is recorded directly on disk in this rack.

Intuitive user interface facilitates easy training of new operators. At the same time, experienced operators can take advantage of more advanced features such as automatic creation of clips and playlists in Instant Replay mode; expanded editing capabilities, including editing during playouts. Unlike other budget machines, Arrow supports professional capabilities which are necessary in broadcasts of major sporting events - network operation, support of SuperMo cameras, telestrator functions, etc.

The use of the industry's popular broadcast codec DVCPro SD/HD assures compatibility with all editing systems at the native level.

If the user has a need to record in the highest possible quality, the RAW Recording option provides uncompressed 10bit resolution, which gives filmmakers the opportunity to work with absolute quality!

No other manufacturer provides this opportunity.

It is worth noting that export of materials allows simultaneous creation of proxy video, including MPEG/H264, which is very convenient for a variety of mobile devices.


The system includes remote console Control-Z with T-Bar and Jog/Shuttle. The controller’s RS-422 interface has a built-in power supply, eliminating the need for additional cables. If desired, the user can order Control-Zx, which can be connected to the system via RS-422, USB or Ethernet.

Almost all options available for Simple R family are available for Arrow.

A bit more about the options: On the basis of Arrow platform we created a basketball video judging system videoReferee®-B. As a result - professional basketball received a terrific judging system and all Simple R and Arrow servers received an optional 4-channel videoReferee®.

We also tried to make the Arrow appearance esthetically pleasing for the eyes. Hope you like it.

Connection diagram Arrow 441
Connection diagram Arrow 441

Connection diagram Arrow 442
Connection diagram Arrow 442

Connection diagram Arrow 662
Connection diagram Arrow 662
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