DMR™ (Direct Movie Record) technology developed by our company is supported by majority of systems. It allows to record video to build-in RAID storage and simultaneously record in “native” format of most non-linear editing (NLE) systems. It also allows parallel recording of HD video and its SD proxy in NLE format to any media.

DMR™ is practically useful only if recorded material is readily accessible by NLE stations. This is achieved by recording on removable hard drives (HD) or to shared network storage.

The hot-swappable DMR™ is a "trayless - toolless" cassette containing standard SATA hard drive. Cassettes are installed directly into the unit or external DMR™ Station, connected via SAS interface. DMR™ Station supports up to 10 cassettes. The number of installed cassettes depends on model and configuration of the particular multi-channel recorder.

Recording is carried out directly in selected NLE “native” format (Avid MC, Apple Final Cut, Liquid Chrome, Discreet Edit, etc.), bypassing time-consuming step of export and conversion.

Best of two worlds
Speed and capacity of hard drive and convenience of video-cassette

Recording in NLE format to cassettes, external FC/SAS or network storage.

Recording in native format of most popular non-linear editing systems in full HD.

DMR2™ technology for parallel recording Full HD and corresponding SD proxy.

Simultaneous video recording to internal RAID and DMR™ storage.

Immediate transfer of video-material to editing. No delays for conversion or stops for cassette replacement.

An additional measure to insure preservation of recorded footage.


With the advent of DMR2™ technology our machines can record in real time not only Full HD, but also an SD resolution proxy. Proxy allows video editors to use low-powered equipment for preliminary editing and then move to final editing in full resolution, using the proxy generated edit list.

Removable DMR™ cassettes do allow fast and simple transfer of recorded material, at the same time recording to a shared with NLE stations NAS and SAN practically removes all recorded volume limitations and integrates recording and editing processes. Editing can begin immediately after command “Stop”. Our new systems Dominator AT and BlackJack support this integration.

Any one of the above described features, taken individually, greatly reduces production costs. Being implemented together, the effect cannot be overestimated.

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