The puck’s speed and battles in front of the goal-net make it virtually impossible to provide quality, objective refereeing without technical means. That’s why the use of video replays by Goal Judges and referees became an integral part of ice hockey and other sports.

Cameras are a vital part of the system where quality can not be compromised. The task becomes especially challenging for monitoring from inside the goal-net. This camera can not be connected by power, video and control cables, and still must provide secure, reliable view of total goal net area.goanlnetcam 300

Our full HD GoalNetCam contains a super wide-angle lens totally covering desired area. It is protected from mechanical damage, condensation and operates at low temperatures. Kevlar-reinforced plastic provides survivability from multiple contacts with the puck. If necessary, camera protective glass can be replaced within minutes. The shape of camera body was specially designed to minimize injury to players in case of collisions.

Camera power is provided by a removable Anton Bauer battery, which can be replaced in 30 seconds.

All this, however does not mean that the camera should be used as target. It should be installed just before the game and removed at the end. A quick, 5 seconds installation and removal is assured by bayonet mechanism, which secures the camera to the mounting assembly, permanently installed at the bottom of central goal bar. Mounting mechanics also allows adjusting camera angles.

In contrast to previously used radio transmission of MPEG video resulting in delay of about 12 frames, the current technology transmitting uncompressed Full HD signal from the camera provides zero frame delay. This real time video completely meets the needs of sport video adjudication.

A separate radio channel is used to communicate with on board camera computer for controlling zoom, focus, diaphragm, depth of field, color temperature, and sensitivity. It is also used for collection of diagnostic data like remaining battery power. All settings can also be made directly on installed camera and saved in memory as different profiles, to be loaded as necessary. At break time the camera can be remotely switched to a sleep mode.

Super wide-angle lens with viewing angle over 160 degrees. Zero Time Delay. Uncompressed Full HD radio channel.  Camera, receiving module, batteries, charger, HD SDI Monitor and Netbook with software. Original design of mounting elements provides camera installation and removal with battery replacement in less than 30 seconds. Protective glass can be quickly replaced when needed.  A separate service radio channel provides remote monitoring and control of camera parameters. Over 4-hour battery operation. Remote control of zoom, focus, diaphragm, depth of field, color temperature, and sensitivity allows the use of transmitted video in television broadcasts.  Ability to use existing standard Ethernet infrastructure for camera control.

Due to availability of color correction, picture from the camera can be used not only for video adjudication, but also for television broadcasts.

gncam 450Each camera is paired with an individual receiver, usually mounted on the same post as behind the goal camera. Receiver, in turn, is connected to the videoReferee® system via a standard 10/100 Mbit Ethernet or fiber optics or Wi- Fi. This allows, if necessary, the use of existing network infrastructure in the arena.

The receiver can be powered by either 110/220 volts AC or by internal Anton Bauer battery, which assures a quick setup in new sport venues. For transportation and storage camera and receiver are supplied in a protective custom foam case.

GoalNetCam is fully integrated with videoReferee® system.

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