videoReferee® Jr.

Introducing a new junior member of family – videoReferee® Jr.


Created at the request of customers, who needed a mobile, economical sports video judging system, videoReferee® Jr. can be used in wrestling, boxing, judo, track and field, speed skating, short track, freestyle skiing and any sport which can be served by 2 - 8 cameras without integration with scoreboard or timing devices.

videoReferee® Jr. comes in three versions: 2, 4 and 8 channels.

It is a slick all-in-one device, with a Multi-skin function for switching between engineering and referee’s interfaces.

videoReferee® Jr. can be used for recording the entire event as well as for analysis of controversial moments. The operator/judge can search video for a questionable moment at any time for on-the-spot analysis and decision making.

The system’s remote control provides such functions as camera selection, event marking, viewing in real time or searching of recorded material, quad or single channel view, zoomed image.

Marking of events can be done live or during viewing the recorded video.

The system allows exporting marked events to DVD or MP4 File, and also exporting the entire event in MPEG2 or MPEG4 format from selected cameras.

In cases where replay servers are used for broadcast, adding videoReferee® to DirectConnect network can create added replay content recorded by its cameras.

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