Any professional involved in video production knows about importance of having additional reserves – equipment or part of workflow process which in critical situations will help to complete the task. It can be a second satellite channel during sport broadcast or power generator in OB Van. In case of multichannel recording until recently it was one or two VCRs recording the PGM (still a partial solution).

The SafeGuard completely solves this problem by providing an 8-channel backup recording.

The server records in a loop 8 channel SD/HD SDI video with broadcast quality.

It can export recorded video in native NLE files in full resolution and as Proxy. Export can be carried out by the server software after recording stopped.

During recording export can be done by using Mediateka XCoder, working on another server.

In this case transcoding can be performed in any standard codec supported by that server.

Also, Safeguard recording can be started and stopped from another server on the network.

Its size and weight is suitable for carry-on luggage

Key features of series SafeGuard:

  • SSD storage resistant to vibrations
  • Storage capacity of 64 hrs. at 125 Megabit/sec or 44 hrs. at 185 Megabit/sec.
  • Built-in multiviewer with HDMI output for monitoring all incoming channels and recording parameters.
  • Dual GbE interface for high speed export using Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) for Ethernet, defined in IEEE 802.1ax or the previous IEEE 802.3ad.
  • LTC support, which enables synchronization of recorded video files with video and audio recorded on other equipment.
  • Recording of up to 64 embedded audio channels.
  • Small size – 1U, 35 cm with redundant power supply; or 1U, 29 cm without it. (Both can fit in carry-on luggage).

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