Distinctive features and unique capabilities

  1. 16 slots for SD cards up to 2TB.
  2. Modern SD-cards are high-speed, high capacity, compact and economical storage media. Using SD-cards provides easy transfer of recorded material and quick access to it for subsequent editing - just install them in your computer slot. Availability of commercial SD card readers for several cards, lets you edit video from multiple cameras without copying it into the computer.

  3. Internal SSD storage doubles the reliability of the recording.
  4. Recording is carried out simultaneously on a built-in SSD array and on SD-card. In the event of unforeseen problems with the card, the video is not lost, and will be exported from internal storage.

  5. In the absence of an SD-card recording continues to the internal SSD array.
  6. Built-in multiviewer controls all input signals.
  7. Multiviewer can be displayed on a separate HDMI™ monitor or operator can use one monitor and switch between main interface and multiviewer.

  8. Selectable combinations of recording channel and corresponding SD-card.
  9. Record any incoming channel to any SD card.

  10. Gigabit Ethernet for NAS recording and efficient use of recorded material by non-linear editing systems.
  11. It extends the use of SDX not only as a mobile stand-alone recorder, but also as part of a studio production.

  12. Flexible export - export of any channel can be assigned to any SD-card.
  13. Use as a duplicator.
  14. Recording on the internal SSD array allows export of selected channels to the desired number of cards for quick duplication.

    Export is carried out simultaneously to all cards. The speed depends on the speed of used SD-cards.

  15. Scaling of input HD video to SD or lower resolution for use as Low-res Proxy SDX to be used for remote video production via Internet.
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