The smallest replay machine in the world

Simple R 662 - the world's most compact solution for SD/HD 6-channel recording and instant replays with Slow, Super Slow and Hyper Slow motion. Its size and weight is suitable for airplane carry-on luggage. In industry terms Simple R is an 8 (14)-channel system. It provides simultaneously: 6 recording video channels, high-speed full-frame search on all 6 recorded channels and playback of 2 channels with transition effects between them. The system utilizes industry-proven and in broadcast environment very popular codecs: DVCPro 50 / DVCPro HD and MJPEG. Its state-of-the-art intuitive GUI allows even inexperienced operators to achieve professional results after a short period of training.

Its size and weight is suitable for carry-on luggage

In standard Full HD 1080i 50/60 mode:

  • 6 Inputs of 1080p 50/60
  • 2 Outputs with transitions

Simple R storage is based on SSD drives, providing unprecedented system responsiveness and the first time in multichannel recording practice the ability to search on all recorded channels simultaneously. The SSD also allow it to operate in extremely harsh conditions, including a high level of vibration. The capacity of the basic version permits recording of 80 hours in Full HD or 160 hours of broadcast quality SD video. In addition to the powerful basic features, available Options can make your Simple R a truly custom-tailored device.

Key features of series Simple R

Recording into NLE native video formats

Recorded material can be exported into NLE native format using MXF and QuickTime containers with compression DVCPro 50 / DVCpro HD. This provides compatibility with Apple Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, Avid Media Composer, and Grass Valley Edius. Export files can be written to network storage via Gigabit Ethernet or to external hard drives installed into special dual rack connected to the system via USB 3.0 interface.

SSD based internal storage

For the first time in broadcast equipment practice Simple R storage is based on SSD. This allows it to operate in extremely harsh conditions, including at a high level of vibration.

Up to 80 recorded hours in HD

This is an outstanding characteristic even for full size systems and is unique for such miniature size.

Simple R 662 at a glance:

  • 6 Inputs HD/SD-SDI
  • 2 Output HD/SD-SDI;
  • SSD-Drives with up to 80 h of HD-capacity;
  • GPIOs for integration of external devices like mixers;
  • Sync-In (Black Burst and Tri-Level) and LTC Input;
  • Intuitive GUI with integrated Multiviewer (DVI);
  • 3 Graphics ports (DVI/HDMI/DP) for Main Interface, Multiviwer and Game Analyzer;
  • Additional configurable multiviewer functions via HDMI or DP Graphics port;
  • USB 3.0 for external 3.5” SATA HDD;
  • RS-422 Controller Interface;
  • Dual GbE interface for network connection and integration;
  • Controller, keyboard and mouse included.

Connection diagram Simple R 662

Connection diagram Simple R 662 with redundant power supply & sound option Sandy


  • Export of MXF/QT files;
  • Redundant hot-swappable Power Supply;
  • Supermotion (2x/3x) with capability to dissolve into the active channel;
  • Hypermotion (up to 1000 FPS) with NAC Hi-motion II Integration;
  • Export of Clips and Playlists in MXF/QT;
  • Game analyzing with painting on live video using Wacom tablet;
  • RAW video recording – up to 6 channels 1920x1080 10bit uncompressed;
  • Digital audio Inputs - 128 audio channels (2 x 64) via MADI with optical and coax interfaces;
    16 channels AES/EBU via 8 balanced inputs with up to 192KHz 24 bit.

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