Close cooperation with ARRI Group and access to its internal specifications helped us in developing the raw data recording system STARR.

Using the T-Link interface, STARR records in ARRIRAW format parallel to internal as well as removable DMR™ media, thus preserving the highest image quality provided in 2880 x 1620 resolution by ARRI ALEXA camera. STARR also provides a 1980 x 1080 proxy recording.

Resolution of uncompressed video stream (2880 x 1620 with 16-bit color representation) requires a lot recording bandwidth and speed. Nevertheless, STARR is able to support simultaneously up to 4 mono cameras, and provide for all our machines multi-channel television recording - DMR2™. The proxy with metadata is recorded not in SD, but in Full HD format.

TV Technologies in Cinematography

Support of ARRI ALEXA. One STARR supports up to 4 cameras in mono mode
ARRIRAW native format
Parallel recording of ARRIRAW and Full HD proxy.
Stereo playback in real time.
Real time Color Correction
Absolute protection of recorded material.

Unlike competing solutions, which require connecting the recorder to the camera for playback, and therefore increasing weight and power consumption; or require media removal for viewing video material on a single computer, we provide the opportunity of direct playback. Playback on STARR is in real time and, when required, in stereo. That feature permits Colorist and Stereo Supervisor to work in real-time on the set.

STARR received high marks from "Stalingrad” film crew, who compared it with alternatives.

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