vR-Cam (videoReferee® camera) was created in response to pressing need for high quality Full HD affordable cameras for video adjudication in sport arenas.

sm 450

vR-Cam is based on Sony Exmor sensor, which provides SD and Full HD video resolution. The easy to mount camera is enclosed in a shock-resistant housing and has an HD quality 10x zoom lens. It can be powered either by 110/220 volts or by internal Anton Bauer battery. Focus, aperture, shutter speed, white balance, sensitivity, and other optical parameters are remotely controlled.

For transmitting video signal and parameter values from the camera it connects directly to the receiver module by an up to 30m long cable. The same cable transmits control commands from the module to camera. The receiver also communicates with the "outside world" via a standard Ethernet 10-100 Mbit or fiber optics or WiFi. This allows, when necessary, the use of existing venue network infrastructure. Receiver module is also powered either by AC or battery, which provides for a flexible and quick set up at new locations. For "forwarding" video over long distances, a receiver module with fiber optics interface can support distances of up to 10km.

All of this make it possible to meet the needs of video replays at different sport venues for a variety of sports - hockey, basketball, etc.

In an ice hockey arena 4 cameras usually are set over the goal net area and used by Goal Judges, additional cameras provide field overview from other angles.

vR-Cam cameras are integrated with our video adjudication system videoReferee®.

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