will release new 4K replay/slow-motion servers

RED ARROW FULL 4K replay and slow-motion server's Red Arrow and Blackjack slow-motion servers will be unveiled at next week's NAB show in Las Vegas will use NAB to premiere two full 4K replay and slow-motion servers, Red Arrow and BlackJack 4K.

Red Arrow offers four channels recording, four channels search and two channels playback with six 4K physical video ports, in 4K 50p, in a single 2RU enclosure. BlackJack 4K offers three in, three search and two out in 4K 50p/4K 60p in a single 4RU enclosure.

Red Arrow can also be used for six-channel 4K 50p recording for non-linear editing. Due to its four graphical ports Red Arrow allows four operators to work on one machine simultaneously. For example, two operators can work with configuration 662 (six recording, six search and two replay channels), the other two with configuration 442 (four recording, four search and two replay channels). While working on one machine, each operator has their own display that can function as the main interface or in multiviewer mode.

The system interface has a built-in multiviewer that provides monitoring of input and output signals and search through four channels using one standard 1920x1080 monitor. With an SSD based array, Red Arrow provides for storage of 266 hours 100Mbit HD video. The built-in DMR SATA slots can accommodate nine 3.5" SATA drives that can record 18 channels in ProRes 422 and 18 Proxy SD channels or 24 channels DVCPro HD with SD Proxy.

The Red Arrow can be operated as a stand-alone unit and does not need any additional soft- or hardware.

In 3G or HD the Red Arrow can operate with 20 channels recording and replays, while it provides four physical outputs. When Red Arrow runs in 3G / HD mode, the server offers 20 channels of 3G.'s BlackJack 4K is a three in, two out 4K 50p server. With the brand new BlackJack 3G, 16 channels of 3G can be recorded, and up to three operators can edit four channels (slomo and highlights) with independent crossfade outputs – or the Blackjack can work as a 5-channel 4K 50p slow-motion machine.

12TB SSD, enough to record 266 hour of HD at 100 Mbit/s, are already on board. On all 12 input channels DMR is available. The BlackJack 4K can also search and mark clips on three 4K 50p channels simultaneously (during continuous recording) and deliver two channels of 4K 50p with the ability to fade between two separate signals.

For viewing recorded material BlackJack integrates with standard full HD monitors for displaying the interface with built-in multiviewer. BlackJack supports a large set of codecs: MJPEG, ProRes 422, DVCPro HD, AVID DNxHD, XDCAM 50Mbit, MPEG2, MPEG4, H264, DVCPro50, DVCProHD, DV25, IMX and containers natively compatible with Apple Final Cut, Avid, Adobe Premiere, GVG Canopus.

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