NAB2013 presented Simple DMR™ Recorder software

At NABSHOW 2013 presented a new free software option for all its servers - Simple DMR™ Recorder. We invite You to visit our stand at SL14205.

Simple DMR™ Recorder.

This is a single channel replay system with built-in DMR™ technology, allowing simultaneously with replays carry on recording of files in NLE native formats (MXF DVCPro 50/HD for Avid; QuickTime DVCPro 50/HD for Apple Final Cut, Adobe Premiere CS, Canopus Edius).

For maximum possible quality Simple DMR™ Recorder can use Apple Prores 422(HQ/SQ) codec.

SD proxy recording while recording Full HD video is a feature of all our servers with DMR™ support.

Another feature of the Simple DMR™ Recorder, inherent to any server that supports DMR™, is SD proxy recording while recording Full HD video. Location of Proxy and Full HD recorded files can be different. DMR™ files can be written to a Spin Drive or SSD. Available connections: eSATA, USB 3.0/USB 2.0, DMR™ SSD port.

Any Network File Locations from simple network shared directory to dedicated NAS connected via 1GbE can also be used.

This flexibility allows implementation of different scenarios – from passing the HDD or SSD to NLE station, to remote editing in case of writing to shared storage.

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