New addition to videoReferee® family

videoReferee® by is rightly considered to be the best sports video judging system. This is in part because the company can create these easy to operate specialized systems for different applications and conditions.

The new basketball judging system videoReferee®-B met all major FIBA requirements: compliance with regulations, compactness, integration with scoreboard controller, the ability to display the video judging process on the secondary monitor and at a reasonable price.

The compact system supports 4 SD or HD cameras connected via the SDI or HDMI interface. It is based on the 2U short Arrow platform, which makes it easy to transport. The system provides HDD storage for 50 hours of HD broadcast quality video and can work with one or two monitors. Its multiskin function allows comfortable operation using a single monitor in a confined space.

The referee’s interface via HDMI™ output can be displayed on a big screen or provide a signal to TV broadcasters using HDMI to SDI converter. vR controllers are connected via USB interface.

Integration with scoreboard controllers for official game information, including timings is in accordance with FIBA requirements.

The 3.5" SATA trayless/toolles rack allows storing exported materials on standard 3.5" SATA drives.

5 videoReferee®-B are now became an integral part of the games.of Lithuanian Basketball League - Lietuvos krepšinio lyga (LKL).

videoReferee®-B back
videoReferee®-4 videoReferee®-B connection diagram
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