New BlackJack features

Quite often in sports broadcasting the number of channels used for instant replays is greater than 6-8. In this situation, the solution is usually to have multiple servers connected in a dedicated network. Considering that one operator can work with 4 -6 channels, that also requires a sufficient number of operators.

In broadcasts of gymnastics, wrestling, track and field, where there are always several different points of attention at the same time, the comfortable for the operator number of channels is no more than 4.

An optimal solution for such situations is based on BlackJack server.

The new BlackJack AT/H12 has 12 HD SDI inputs and 4 outputs. It is 19" 56 cm 4U server with a disk subsystem based on SSD drives, providing high speed of operation and instant response to any action of all three operators.

Due to the presence of 4 graphics ports, each operator has an individual monitor with the primary interface and a built-in multiviewer. Each workplace is equipped with a dedicated remote control (Control Z). In addition, the fourth graphics port can be used for displaying multiviewer showing all 12 input channels and 3 output channels.

Each operator can simultaneously do playouts, search across all recording channels and create own clips and playlists without interfering with other operators.

All created clips and playlists are available to all operators. Also, if necessary, each operator can search not only "his", but also any of the 12 available channels.

It is worth noting that analogues solution will require a minimum of 3 servers, rack space of 15U, and still will not provide for simultaneous search across all channels.

The BlackJack AT/H12 provides superior working conditions for the operators, convenience for video engineers and significantly saves time, money and rack space. In mobile applications it also lets save up to 60 kg in shipping!

BlackJack with 3 operator control BlackJack Connection diagram Control Z & BlackJack

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