New Camera Control Unit (CCU) for 60p cameras

Over 3 years is producing 1920x1080 50p /60p vR-Cam cameras. Unlike standard Full HD cameras they provide twice the number of vertical lines. This allows the video judges to see the image with the full number of lines (1080) for each phase of the movement, making the work more comfortable in making decisions when puck moves the at high speeds. Quite often the television companies want to have the signal from our cameras for use in broadcasts.

Most TV companies in the world use interlaced frame recording format - 1080i. In order to be able to use the signal from videoReferee® cameras it is necessary to install expensive converters 1080p /1080i.

That is why our company has made a new version of the base station (CCU) for vR-Cam 60p cameras, which simultaneously with the 50p/60p signal used in video judging, produces interlaced 1080i signal for use in television.

It is worth noting that vR-Cam cameras have the ability to color correct video, which allows adjusting these cameras to correspond the picture of cameras used by the broadcaster.

To operate the camera in multi-standard environment, including opportunities to work with the old equipment, the new CCU has SD SDI video output.

To send HD video over long distances the optical fiber is commonly used. The old CCU had a separate option installed for transmitting signals over fiber. Our task in developing the new CCU was to provide the ability to use optical fiber as standard. This problem is successfully solved and now the CCU has two optical outputs, one of which is used for the transmission of 50p/60p signal, and the second for transmission of SD or HD SDI.

For GoalNetCam cameras, installed inside the net, we also modified the receiver module to provide the same functions.

For upgrading the previously produced camera control units contact technical support. New Camera Control Unit (CCU) for 60p cameras

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