Safeguard SDX - The first in the world multichannel SD Cards video recorder

Compact 8 SD/HD channels system for backup or NLE recording on SD Cards.

Safeguard SDX records incoming channels to SD cards installed in slots on the front panel. This version uses codecs - H264 and XDCAM 35. Nevertheless, this quality is more than enough for many users.

Parallel with recording on SD Cards, the SDX system records to the built-in SSD storage (18 hrs. per channel). This provides protection in case of problems with the cards, as well as allows recording without cards.

The system can export the internally recorded material to NAS via 1GbE or to external drive via USB 3.0. Also desired channels can be duplicated on SD Cards.

Since the front panel has 16 card slots, you can select for recording any combination of channels: write one channel on all 16 cards; or make redundant recording of each channel into two cards; or record one channel consecutively to two cards. In other words, the system use is exceptionally flexible.

System have LTC input, which is necessary when working with other equipment.

Built-in multiviewer allows monitoring the input signals on any standard 1920x1080 computer monitor.

Safeguard is 1U in size with a depth of 35cm and weighs less than 6 kg.

Two models: SDX4 and SDX8 are available at the moment.

Safeguard SDX: slots for SD cards Safeguard SDX
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