Simple R servers on FIVB Grand Slam

The Beach Volleyball World Tour was held in Moscow from 26 to 31 of May. 128 teams from all over the world were competing in this Grand Slam event. For the third year broadcast of the event was provided by START.TV, which this year used its new 14-camera Full HD OB Van. Two of replay servers, "Simple R 662" and "Simple R 662 Plus" were used among broadcast equipment.

In recent years, increasing number of international broadcast riders require the presence of cameras with speed of more than 3x. Until recently there were only 2 cameras which met these requirements, Ikegami Hi-Motion II and Phantom by Vision Research. In 2014 another 6x-speed camera became available - LDC HS / HS-86 by Grass Valley.

In Grand Slam broadcast "Simple R 662" was used for 6-channel recording and "Simple R 662 Plus" worked with LDC HS/HS-86 camera. Both servers were networked together for sharing clips and playlists. This functionality was used to create summary using materials from all cameras. Vladimir Shirokov, president of START.TV:

"Beach volleyball is a very fast sport and creating immediate replays is very important. The "Simple R" servers in this respect are the world champions – the search on all 6 channels while playback is in progress help operators to always playout the best moments. I would also like to note that due to intuitive interface any professional operator in just 10-30 minutes of training can confidently work with the system. This is very convenient, because we can use local freelancers who are experienced with other replay servers."

The "Simple R" series are the most compact multi-channel recording and replay broadcast quality servers in the world. The 1U 35 cm, less than 6 Kg servers records up to 6 video channels with simultaneous search of all the channels and playback of 2 channels. Thanks to the 3 graphics ports the servers in addition to the main interface can provide multiviewer and Game Analyzer (telestrator) interfaces.

Among many available options for these servers are support for 3x and 6x -speed cameras, as well as 1000FPS camera HiMotion II. These features allow you to use them for sporting events of any level.

START.TV since 2004 provides video broadcasting of major international and Russian competitions for a variety of sports channels. The company's portfolio includes broadcasts of matches KHL, ULEB, Beach Volleball Grand SLAM, World Championship Taekwondo, Night League. The company has two HD OB Vans.

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