videoReferee®-V - is the most powerful video server

System Capabilities:

  • Recording of 24 cameras 720p/1080i/1080p in any combination
  • Marking of important moments "live" or on recorded video
  • Simple, easy to learn vR-Controller
  • vR-Keypad for creating labels and presets for quad or 2 camera views*
  • Search and playback of recorded video without interrupting recording
  • Ability to analyze video fragments with one, two, three or four camera views
  • Zoom-in capability for detailed view
  • Direct integration with scoreboard data** or using scoreboard image as PIP
  • Synchronized search even when the cameras are not synchronized
  • Navigation on recorded video by time-code or game time
  • Easy navigation by marked points or by labels
  • Two workplaces - Engineering and Referee's
  • Ability to use touch-screen monitor
  • Export of marked events or entire recording in a variety of file formats, including MXF XDCAM 50


* - Ability to assign up to 24 keys to mark and search specific events. Up to 16 customized presets for quad views.

** - Currently supported models: Westerstrand, Nautronic NTpult, Nautronic NauCom1000, Bodet, Omega Saturn, Megalux, NataInfo, Victory, VITA, Araneus–NGLight, ElTablo, Stramatel and Colosseo.


  • Optional second referee's workplace
  • Optional SDI output of referee's interface for arena big screen or broadcasting
  • Optional external SDI/HDMI video input for capturing scoreboard image
  • Optional storage 2x expansion to 320 hrs.


  • size (4U, 56cm) and weight 19.5 kg;
  • SSD-based storage subsystem of 160 hrs;
  • built-in 3.5" SATA Rack for exporting materials to standard drives;
  • redundant power supply.

videoReferee®-V is capable to fully cover the needs of any sport competitions (football, hockey, basketball, wrestling, boxing, judo, track and field, speed skating, short track, freestyle, fencing).

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