videoReferee® VHL

To meet the Higher Hockey League (VHL) need for a budget system with functionality and interface of videoReferee®-IIM2, used in KHL we created a new server - videoReferee® VHL.

videoReferee® VHL - is a specially designed for the VHL sports video judging server for SD cameras. The server has 6 SD SDI inputs and one HD SDI input. 6 SD channels are used to record the situation in and around the goal. To adequately control the full area of the ice-rink the system is using panoramic camera with HD resolution.

Automatic marking of important game moments

Creation of DVD with all score changing moments

Up to 7 recording channels

Special software version for Hockey, Basketball, Speed skating, Fencing and Short Track

VideoReferee® VHL not only meets the requirements of the KHL, but is also fully consistent with World Cup regulations.

It provides for simultaneous recording of all channels, search on 4 channels or playing of a one channel. The system has two interfaces - engineering and referee’s. The workplace of video goal judge includes a monitor displaying referee’s interface and a control panel. This allows the judge to consider in detail all points of contention, mark events, zoom-in on desired video fragments and observe what is happening in the field in real-time with one or 4 cameras simultaneously. Navigating on marked events the judge can quickly position on controversial moments. Using intelligent algorithms for controlling game information, the system automatically creates marks of events. Naturally, the operator can set the marks manually.

In addition, there is a special engineering control panel with which the video engineer can completely control the system. Currently videoReferee® supports all major types of scoreboard controllers (Westerstrand, Nautronic NTpult, Nautronic NauCom1000, Bodet, Omega Saturn, Megalux, NataInfo, Victory, VITA, Araneus-NGLight, ElTabl). A feature of the system is semiautomatic creation of DVD video report based on created marks. The DVD includes selected highlights and corresponding official game information (time, score, game period).

The ability to work in a network with instant replay systems can enhance television broadcasts by providing ability to perform analysis of disputes moments.

Recently videoReferee® VHL as a budget server found its place in basketball. With the ability to integrate with scoreboard controllers and all the interface features of the top models this reliable and easy to operate system is becoming increasingly popular with basketball referees.

Also due to the fact that the basketball court is smaller than ice hockey rink and that basketball is much bigger than a hockey puck, SD resolution for decision making in basketball is more than enough.

For the same reason, having six SD channels and HD panoramic camera is more than enough for refereeing basketball. Support of the most popular scoreboard controllers also helps to clearly resolve issues related to the validity of basketball throws.

Brief characteristics:

  • Specialized system providing video-judging and video documentation in hockey and basketball;
  • 6 SD cameras over, behind and inside the goal, and one HD panoramic camera;
  • Works with the official time, score and penalty info received from scoreboard controller;
  • Compatible with most scoreboard controllers;
  • Includes a specialized video-referee control console (can support 2);
  • Simple to operate and easy to learn;
  • Provides the ability to mark events both during live observation of the game, and while watching the recording;
  • Provides automatic marking at score changes;
  • Provides automatic generation of DVD video report including goal fragment views from all cameras.

It should be noted that especially for VHL teams there is a special offer that includes:

  • videoReferee® server;
  • 4 SD cameras vR-Cam;
  • 2 SD wireless cameras GoalNetCam;
  • 1 HD camera vR-Cam.
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